Descarga Masiva XML By erpDOZ

Descarga Masiva XML By erpDOZ

Image Descarga Masiva XML By erpDOZ
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    January 30, 2022

  • "Batch download SAT documents in XML format"

With Descarga Masiva XML By erpDOZ it is possible to download documents published on the official website of the Tax Administration Service in batches and verify vouchers. All folios, invoices, taxes and documents in general are downloaded in XML format so you can deal with these files the way you want.

Although there are other programs that are also capable of massively downloading this type of content, only Descarga Masiva XML By erpDOZ dispenses with the credentials so that you do not have to identify yourself in the SAT in order to access the documents. Thus, the program is completely secure and guarantees privacy in obtaining the files.

In addition, the software offers you the possibility to verify vouchers remotely using the network connection.